Business Law

My business law legal services include:

Formation, Registration and Governance of Businesses including Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Closely
Held Corporations, Professional LLCs, Professional Corporations, and NonProfit Corporations.

Drafting, review and revision of Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Restrictions on Stock or Interest Transfers, Annual
Reports, Consents and Minutes of Meetings.

State and Local Licenses and Permits including Liquor Licenses for Restaurants, Bars, Package Stores, Convenience Stores and other on-premises or off-premises all-alcohol or beer and wine licenses;

Site Plan Review, Special Permits, Zoning Issues, Board of Health and Building Commission issues, and other state and local regulatory and administrative law matters.

Buying & Selling a Business, including Asset Purchase Agreements, Commercial Leases, and related matters

Civil Demands and Litigation of consumer claims and business-to-business disputes

Other Business Law Legal Services – contact me to inquire about your particular needs.